Our Services

The team at Frankform Marketing Ltd. offer a global data service built upon quality and expertise that is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction by utilising a bespoke database application that is amongst the most advanced of its kind in use today with more than 72 million B2B Strategic Contacts, Decision Makers and Purchasers and providing over 20 million personal opt-in email data records covering  the 27 EU member countries, the USA, The Middle East, Far East and Australasian.

Every contact in our database has been verified by way of population and audit and credit referencing approval making this one of the most comprehensive databases in existence

From the very out set with more then 30 years experience we realised that marketers across the globe required to obtain accurate and meaningful marketing data, that could be uniquely identified in such a way that allows for rapid selection of a range of company types by their scientific and high-tech applications that drive at the heart of every business.

List Rental

With more than 2114 separate B2B lists to choose from and consumer lifestyles you can target your campaigns with the power of direct mail, promoting products, services and websites with a guaranteed international deliver-ability of 95%.

Unlimited Usage

The data can be sent via CD and Internet download options and can provide unlimited usage over a 6 or 12-month period. The data will consist of Full Name, Full Postal Address, Telephone (where available) and Fax Number (where available) and Email (where available). Once this time period has lapsed we can provide and replace with an up to date list offering you all new contacts at a substantially reduced price.

Email  / Fax Broadcasting

With more than 60 million opt-in email addresses and as many facsimile numbers to choose from you are never without opportunities to build your empire.
Frankform Marketing Ltd. transmit up to 3 million emails per week and you can select their interests from the 2114 B2B SIC codes and the consumer lifestyles that control our database.

List Management

International list management is a highly complicated process made easy by Frankform Marketing Ltd's unique database system,  Postal address records from around the world are used to validate every item in our database and to ensure accuracy and deliver-ability every time. This allows us to clean your data by removing any non deliverable mail records and  opt out requests saving you the cost of this wasted revenue.

Data Append/Match Routines

You could be looking for telephone numbers, email addresses or even the actual postal address. Whatever your needs we have the power to match accurately and append valuable information to your data files that will enhance their quality value and deliver-ability to further enhance your marketing opportunities.

Email Append

Each appended email record is confirmed as a third party opt in and an audit trail is created to support this. This is achieved via the match record contact being emailed requesting their permission for these emails being appended to your customer files.

Opt in

Every email record is guaranteed third party opt in and when appending we will confirm this status via permission pass letters and final acknowledgement verification.  You can rest assured we will take care of your interests and you are within full compliance of International Law.

Stop List Processing

In the event of an individual requesting that their email address is to be removed (they opt out), then their email address will be placed in a suppression stop list record and this email address will not be appended to any new record requests or mailed again. The suppression stop list is capable of allowing the customer to opt out of third party status while retaining the individual customer opt in choice. This ensures you do not waste time and expense in processing data that has requested not to be contacted.